To commemorate the memory of the founder President Fakir Chandra Roy, an eminent Freedom Fighter and a close associate of Saheed Shibsankar, the trustees of the organization decided to start the library for the benefit of knowledge thirsty students, teachers, scholars and the people in general. The library was inaugurated by Sri Benoy Krishna Chaudhury, the Legendary Peasant Leader, Freedom Fighter, lifelong associate of Fakir Chandra and Shibsankar, on the 6th November, 1994.
From a very modest beginning the library (1500sft.) is gradually growing steadily from strength to strength in its onward journey over the years. It has more than 9500 books in its accession register. It subscribes to 20 periodicals, 6 daily newspapers (Bengali & English) to cater the need of more than 750 members who use the reading room named after Syed Sahedullah,

Freedom Fighter, Litterateur and a mass leader of repute. It arranges lectures, seminars, workshops on topics relevant to the need of the time and trend (literary, science, social & cultural aspect).

The fund is provided by the mother organization (SSSS), donor members (life/general/student/children) Govt. of West Bengal & Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation (RRRLF)

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