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Seba Samity is a fitting memorial erected to the memory of Shibsankar Chowdhury, who laid his life while upholding human values. Shibsankar fought for the freedom of his mother land, suffered in jail for years and in his life time became a legendary figure through his social, humanitarian and philanthropic services to the people in distress. As a true freedom fighter, he nursed a dream of not only making people of our country free from foreign rule but also make them free from all kinds of exploitation, hunger and diseases.

To carry forward the glorious heritage that he left before us, Saheed Shibsankar Seba Samity had its foundation on May 23, 1978. It was registered under West Bengal Society Registration Act, 1961, registration number being S/22240 of 1978-79 with Late Fakir Chandra Roy, a noted Freedom Fighter as its first President. Eminent personalities of Burdwan district from various walks of life came forward actively in organizing the Seba Samity.


Health as defined by WHO is not only an absence of disease but a state of mental and physical well being. Therefore, the basic amenities which lead to a healthy living and productive participation as a member of society viz. food, pure drinking water, shelter, clothings, sanitation, & health care education have to be ensured for the granite foundation of health. Some 'Workshops for human disrepair are rendering excellent services, but a basic structural inadequacy in their way of defining the health problems of this country has yet to be devloped to arouse people for an organized health movement. Seba Samity is not another hospital or a voluntary organization where curative health care is usually offered to ailing people. It is an institution, where preventive actions are encouraged, health education is offered with a view to make people conscious about their basic rights to healthy living. That is why Seba Samity is striving to evolve all the constituents of a comprehensive health care delivery where the main emphasis is on unleashing popular initiative for social action. It also attempts to act as an inter-face agency between the ailing people and the curative center. The meagre curative services that Seba Samity have, are offered only to develop a bondage with the people in distress. The preventive health programmes that Seba Samity adheres to are basically a three way scheme-(1)-Early detection of illness in a particular community and identification of the underlying causes (2) - Immunization and Vaccinations against some recognized diseases which take a great toll of life and (3)-Health education.



To cover a command area, as the governing body will decide under the guidance of the Trust Body, with assistance and co-operation of PRI draw Health Oriented Plans to wage fight against ills of

  • Pollution, by identifying its sources.
  • Casual and callous approach towards minimum basic needs of a healthy living
  • Superstitions affecting nutrition and causing diseases.
  • Non-availability of pure drinking water and sanitation


Seba Samity strives to:

  • Assist and co-operate with the central and state governments in all its health care efforts.
  • Wage movements for right to health for better health care in hospitals situated in the command area and prevent disease.
  • Undertake comprehensive programmes to train female workers selected from the rural areas with the object of providing trained health workers in each village under NHM (ASHA)
  • Provide minimum curative services to the ailing people.
  • Organise non-remunerative voluntary blood donation camps.
  • Organize awareness campaign against AIDS, T.B, THALASSEMIA.Diabetes , Water Borne Diseases,
  • Running modern Blood Bank to provide safe blood to the needy.



During last years, in all natural calamities whether it was flood , drught and epidemic like gastro-enteritis, kala-ajar, Dengue, malaria or encephalitis, Seba Samity had responded promptly with all its might, rushed to the spots and extended all out support to the endeavours made by the government to fight it out. As a part of its main objectives to prevent diseases, Seba Samity regularly organizes:

  • Awareness campaign, identifying causes of common diseases like malaria, encephalitis, Dengue, tuberculosis, gastro-enteritis etc.
  • Seminars, symposiums, exhibitions, through posters & models, video and slide shows, on air and water pollution , need to supply safe drinking water, sanitation , nutrition, against drug addiction and drug abuses, for cleanliness, healthy habits, against superstition and for the promotion of scientific temperament.
  • Mother and child care programmes in slums and villages for reduction of MMR And IMR
  • On HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention among (a) FSW and (b)TRUCKERS funded by WBSAP&CS. from 2001-02 (FY) worked on this project sanctioned by NACO on the plan and structure approved by the state authority to the authority to the entire satisfaction of Mentors and Auditors appointed by the concerned authorities.On our part we are still continuing awareness to the affected people who approach us and sending such people to the nearest ICTC.



This department is run on every morning (Expect Thursday) from 8.30am to 12.30pm under a Health Insurance Scheme. Patients are to pay annual subscription @RS.10/- and RS.5/- for each visit. In addition Specialist charges @ Rs. 20/- is to be paid when referred to disciplines like Medicine, Chest, Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Dermatology, Eye, ENT, Dental, Psychiatry etc. Free medicines are supplied from Medicine Bank of the organization. ECG and Physiotherapy facilities are available at a much lesser cost than prevailing market rates under supervision of concerned Specialists.



A well equipped pathological Laboratory where all sorts of pathological & Biochemical tests are done at a much lesser cost than market rates by expert Laboratory Technicians under the supervision of highly qualified Specialists :-

Highest Policy Making body

Trust Body Present Members are :

  • Sri. Nirupam Sen (President)
  • Sri. Madan Ghosh
  • Sri. Amal Halder
  • Sri Tapas Sarkar
  • Sri Sunil Sain
  • Governing body comprises of the following members
  • Dr. Ashok Dandapath,M.S, Ph.D.(President).
  • Sri. Kamal Hazra.(Vice President.)
  • Sri Debendra Kumar Lahiri (Vice President)
  • Sri Kuldip Singh (Vice President)
  • Sri Dhirendranath Sur (Vice President)
  • Dr. B.N.Kumar,M.D.(Secretary & Chief Functionary)
  • Sri. Santimay Chatterji (Joint Secretary)
  • Sri. Madhusudan Banerjee(Treasurer)
  • Sri. S.M. Asgar(Assistant Secretary)
  • Sm.Krishnakali Banerjee.
  • Sri Satyajit Chakrabarty
  • Dr. Debabrata Roy
  • Sri Partha Goswami
  • Sri Subhasish Rudra
  • Sri Sandip Manna

Chief Functionary (ASHA)

  • Sri. Partha Goswami
  • Sri. Sandip Prasad Manna ( Office Suptd)



  • Mr.Subhasish Rudra
  • Mr. Md.Faruk islam


Seba Samity Physician (General Outdoor)

  • Dr. Haradhan Banerjee, M.B.B.S
  • Dr. Sukriti Chatterjee, M.B.B.S
  • Dr. Sanjib Samanata, M.B.B.S.
  • Dr. Srimanti Lahiri, M.B.B.S , M.D. (Path)

Consultant Physicians/ Surgeons

  • Dr. Ashok Dandapath , M.S., (E.N.T.) Ph.D
  • Dr. Tusarkanti Batabyal, M.D.
  • Dr. Pranab Kumar Maji , M.S ( E.N.T)
  • Dr. Subhadeep Sarkar, M.D.S.
  • Dr. Rabindranath Chakrabarty , B.D.S
  • Dr. Jolly Seth, M.D. (Dermat)
  • Dr. Dibyendu Roy , M.B.B.S , D.O.M.S. (Eye)


Rashmi Blood Bank:

  • Dr. Sanjib Kr. Samanta ,M.B.B.S, M.O. Incharge.
  • Dr. Srimanti Lahiri, M.D. , M.B.B.S.
  • Dr. Haradhan Banerjee, M.B.B.S.
  • Dr. Sukriti Chatterjee , M.B.B.S

Pathology Department

  • Dr. Abir Guha , M.D. (Path.)
  • Dr. Srimanti Lahiri , M.D. (Path.)

Physiotherapy Department



  • Syed Kutubuddin


Our Auditors: 
M/S Dr. Mukherjee & Co, Chartered Accountants , Jailkhana More, Burdwan - 713101


Our Bankers

  • State Bank of India.
  • United Bank of India.
  • AXIS Bank Ltd.
  • Burdwan Central Co-operative Bank Ltd.
  • Punjab National Bank.

Blood Stock as on

Blood Group Stocks
AB+ 6
AB- 0
B+ 167
B- 2
A+ 21
A- 0
O+ 52
O- 0

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